Genesis Framework

Child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site and Genesis has great support for child themes and other WordPress functionality.

Matt Mullenweg
Founder, WordPress

Why WordPress with Genesis Framework?

Customization: One of the reasons we love WordPress so much is because of its huge community of developers, bloggers and designers. The Genesis WordPress framework is a thriving niche within the WordPress community. It provides hooks and filters to customize anything and everything. 

The code is SEO-optimized and provides great control of your SEO settings  Also the folks behind Genesis have merged with Brian Clark of Coppyblogger. This collaboration has produced a SEO software called ScribeSEO that analyzes the content of blogs, web pages and online press releases and tells small business owners how to tweak their content to get more search engine traffic. We haven’t use it but it is getting some good reviews from well known bloggers.

Security: StudioPress has hired  folks like Mark Jaquith, core developer of WordPress, to provide many security audits. 

Speaking of which… do you know how to protect your WordPress admin access?

You can for sure change the name of the default “admin” user that every WordPress installation starts out.

But hackers can possibly find your username from elsewhere.

If you really want to protect your site, go the extra step of getting a Yubikey to login. That way, even if someone has the password to a username with administrator access, they can not login without physically possessing the Yubikey (which is used via simple USB insertion at login time – no client software or drivers needed) .


Alex Baldocchi About Alex Baldocchi

A graduate of the Academy des Beaux Arts in Montreal, Alex moved to Toronto where he worked for over ten years as creative director and created campaigns for JVC Canada, Mack & Volvo Trucks, General Motors and Ciba Geigy. Forming Inspire Advertising + Design Inc. in 2002 with Cristine Martin – Alex has developed creative for GE, Franklin Templeton, Hankook Tires, Amnesty International, Pioneer Electronics, General Tires, Continental Tires and Stanley Black & Decker.

Alex has been awarded top honors from Applied Arts, Graphic Arts Magazines, The US Summit Awards, for his work on the GE Lighting account. His radio work for Hankook Tires won top prize at the AAPEX /SEMA show in Las Vegas and his print ad for Hankook Tires was awarded “finalist” status at the prestigious London Design Awards.

When Alex isn't at Inspire or even when he is at Inspire he loves drinking coffees (many many coffees), anything to do with WordPress, travelling and eating Nutella.

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