NJPA Mobile-Responsive Site

NJPA Mobile-Responsive Site

LIVE SITE: njperinatal.com

Project Details

This website was created with a custom-designed Genesis Framework. Inspire was also hired to begin the SEO implementation. Before we began the SEO implementation NJPA’s organic search engine traffic declined steadily and significantly. Only a few days after we began the core SEO implementation, the downward trend ceased. But even more important, the quality of traffic that NJPA is now receiving is significantly better than it was previously, as evidenced by all the key quality metrics.

Since we began the core SEO implementation, the average pages per visit and average duration per visit are up significantly. In addition, the bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that leave the site on the page they arrive at without navigating to any other pages) has dropped greatly.

Inspire was also hired to create a PPC campaign for a new, non-invasive test to diagnose Down Syndrome called Sequenom’s MaterniT21. Using a mother’s blood sample without having to undergo procedures like amniocentesis and CVC, MaterniT21 has a 99.1% detection rate.

The PPC campaign was extremely successful resulting in many new patients coming from all over the States, Europe and Canada.