Who We Are

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Cristine Martin – CEO

Hi There. So fair warning, I can be brutally honest, probing and a stern taskmaster.

On the flip side, I’m pretty great.

Empathetic most of the time, decisive yet creative, pragmatic and yet a lover of all things surprising and smart.

I’ve worked in the branding and communications field for over 20 years.
I survived by creating impactful solutions for many of the biggest brands in the world while building relationships with my clients, and more importantly their clients, that resulted in millions upon millions in revenue, a few maid of honor gigs, and one godmother role.

Through collaboration with amazing client teams big and small, I’ve helped restructure how clients market, acting as chief strategic brand engineer for clients as diverse as GE, The Junos, Pioneer Electronics, Continental Tires, Stanley Black & Decker, & Franklin Templeton. I love totally immersing our Inspire team within the marketing and sales structure of our client partners, auditing all parts of their business and audience and helping define who they are and how they are perceived in the world and measuring everything along the way.

From negotiating multi-million dollar sport sponsorships and comprehensive media plans to creating award winning creative engagements in every discipline (web, broadcast, social), to developing innovative products that rock clients world like customized chat bots & CRM systems for the healthcare industry, to developing a army of robots in my image to replace me when I’m watching Housewives of New Jersey.

Okay, that last one is, admittedly, a work in progress.

So to reiterate – I’ve been there, done that and eager to do more “new”. I save lives every day – by not driving. I’m truly a really bad driver.

Your welcome.

Tracy Lister Avatar

Tracy Lister – Chief Creative Officer

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Alberta, Tracy has been running creative departments for twenty years.

First as an art director, where her wizardry in visually creating and executing campaigns for GE, JVC, Stanley Black & Decker and Hankook Tires manifested acclaim and was recognized as a finalist at the prestigious London International Advertising & Design Awards.
At Inspire – Tracy has been the Chief Creative Lead & CMO for Purolator, Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science, Continental AG, SunLife, and Franklin Templeton among so many others. With a comprehensive & diverse creative skillset in digital, broadcast, social, packaging, brand ideation and everything in between (we’ve even made her create furniture!), Tracy is a fan favourite with our clients for her ability to listen & deliver. Always patient, steady & calm, someone has to be, if you asked her what she loves she’d simply say:
“I’m in love with art, history, cats and clever, clean design. I am grateful every day to do what I do.“

Paul Martin Avatar

Paul Martin –
Director of Audio Production

As a composer, musician, sound designer, audio engineer, and music producer – Paul has been active in the Toronto music entertainment community since the early 90’s.

A honors graduate in producing & engineering from the prestigious Harris Institute in Toronto, along with classical guitar and theory studies at the Royal Conservatory – Paul has composed hundreds of pieces of music in a variety of styles. Mr. Martin established Howling Productions – a full service audio lab in 1999. The multi-faceted creative studio records and provides comprehensive audio production for digital, radio, film, television & audiobooks.

For Inspire, Paul’s work has been featured across TV, Radio and digital networks for a variety of clients including Franklin Templeton, Continental Tires, GE, Hankook Tires, Pioneer Electronics and General Tires.

His compositions for GE’s digital campaign and Hankook’s radio spots have been awarded top honors both here in Canada and in the US.

Terry Smouter Avatar

Terry Smouter
Vice President – Business Development, North America

With 20 years experience working client-side, Terry brings his passion and leadership to Inspire’s stacked executive team.

An energetic, customer centric leader, Terry is equally comfortable building & managing large sales and marketing teams, as he is engaging directly with consumers.

As Director of Sales Management for Hankook Tire, he revitalized an annual sales growth strategy of $700M (wowser); rebuilt a million dollar sales performance program, as well as, launched a digital asset management & ad builder platform to over 3200 retailers and distributors.

At Continental Tire, he oversaw product development & marketing strategy including working on multi-million dollar sport sponsorship deals, increasing consumer brand awareness through broadcast, digital, promotional & social channels, and creating Conti’s kick @#$ experiential activation team that engaged consumers & dealers alike.

Terry understands the pressures of identifying and meeting your KPI’s, leveraging budgets that might not be deemed “ideal”, and wrangling agencies (that means us too) into compliancy. Oh and he’s a six sigma smarty pants, but won’t lord it over you.

When not working, you can find him outdoors in some kind of healthy activity that likely involves a bike, followed (swarmed) by 3 little munchkins.

...And Who We Aren't

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We are not followers

Trends have value and imitation is flattering, but neither builds authority. Collaborative leadership does.
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We are not false prophets

There’s an addiction to validation. Saying something oftenenough can build great ROI,but doesn’t mean it’s true. Authenticity is our habit.
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Buzzword Abusers

Simply put... we do, not say we do.
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We are not #Afraid to say NO

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We are not cheap dates

No point denying our experience, we’ve been around for 15+ years. Our Exes are our wingmen, and have way more provable wins then losses.
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We are not afraid to dream

It’s just sad if you are…