Overworked and Undermanned? Struggling to be Proactive in this Reactionary & Virtual world? Thoughts of an Agency give you hives?

We get it.   Most of our clients, blue chips or entrepreneurial powerhouses, have felt the same way.  That’s why we provide “C” suite executive leadership, strategy building & creative execution in tailored packages that integrate with your business goals. For those of you not looking for a life partner, and want results now – give one of our packages a try.

CMO Challenge:

We dive in, audit your brand, define immediate & future challenges, and finish off with a holistic road map loaded with execution tips and best practices.

Package Includes:
  • Challenge Identification & Problem Solving with Inspire’s “C” suite executives
  • Internal workshop sessions with your marketing team
  • Competitor Analysis*
  • Brand Audit: Analysis of all your current marketing practices and analytics
  • Holistic Road Map with internal & external strategy recommendations, execution tips & training*
  • Final Brand Book complete with in-depth audit results, competitor brand report and strategic road map
*up to 3 competitors

*extra: implementation of strategy

Brand New:

Starting a New Venture or Launching a New Product Line? Or just need a brand refresh? We’ve birthed some great brands, products and services into the marketplace.

Package Includes:
  • Brainstorming Sessions With Inspire’s C-Suite Team
  • Brand Culture & Audience Persona Research
  • Analysis of Benchmarked Competitors*
  • Creative Concept Ideation: Naming & Colour Story
  • Tag Line Construction
  • Final Brand Book Filled With Guidelines
  • Brand Launch Strategy Road Map: social, digital, experiential, retail, media*
*up to 3 competitors

*extra: implementation of strategy

Brand Exam:

Want a better understanding of your brand culture and your competitors? We interrogate, inspect, and dissect in this thorough assessment.

Package Includes:
  • Deep Debrief Session with Inspire’s C-Suite Team
  • Brand Dissection: Identity, Social Presence, Web, Advertising & Marketing Programs Audit (including SEO)
  • Analysis of Benchmarked Competitors*
  • Final Brand Book complete with in-depth audit results & competitor brand report
  • Wrap-up Evaluation with Actionable Recommendations*
*up to 3 competitors

*extra: implementation of strategy

Virtual Board:

Need a brainstorming session, brand coaching or simply a sounding board?

Consider us your Virtual Board.

We offer monthly virtual consults allowing you to share ideas, project progress and challenges facing your business.
Your situation is unique to you and our advice will help.
  • 90 minute structured virtual sessions monthly
  • 6 month or 12 month programs
  • actionable insight report after each session

Add Ons

  • Ongoing Consultation
  • Project Based Creative Execution
  • Deep Dive: Single Issue Strategy and Execution
  • Yearly Summary Diagnostic and Recommendations
    of Marketing Budgets “Multi-Year”