Franklin Templeton's Story

Inspire was introduced to the Franklin Templeton marketing and sales team through a wonderful customer we worked with at Purolator.  Love, it when that happens! 90% of our client growth has been referral based, by the way.

Franklin had been experiencing decreasing participation numbers for the Annual Investing Forum for advisors and investors alike.   And frankly, the previous 5 years had seen diminished attendance so troubling that the historically much lauded conference was at risk of cancellation. 

Too Creative Can Be A Bad Thing

The previous events were branded using “high-concept” ideas, which were, albeit pretty, low on substance and high on head scratching. We created a strategy that simplified the message, focusing on the 5 “W’s” that allowed the preoccupied investor and their advisors to absorb, retain and engage with the information quickly.   Less pretty, for pretty sake.  We also advised increasing the frequency of the message – amplifying not only through their robust e-marketing channels but adding an increased presence on radio, financial TV and out of home vehicles in the financial core & nearby event venue.

The results were staggering:  the attendance over the previous year was up 49%.   So more bums in the seats, score!  But more importantly, with their key demographic, advisors, we increased attendance by a whopping 106% .  This on one of the hottest days on record, in which the city advised everyone to stay home!

If You Build It – They Will Come

With the success of the event came big rewards for Inspire.  Franklin hired us as their AOR in Canada responsible for all their branding & advertising for the advisor, institutional and investor markets.  We were the first Canadian firm to handle the global marketing messaging for their prestigious Global Templeton Fund, as well as, their RSSP campaigns for investors. 

Franklin Templeton "searching for yield ad" featuring the concept of global investment opportunities using the image of three snowy owls and a scarlet ibis

We love it when clients give us a chance and push their preconceived notions of ‘what always works’ aside.  Yes, we had an amazing champion inserted into the Franklin biosphere but we also had no recent experience in the financial marketing arena walking in the door. 

Often “safe” & “comfortable” wins out in the marketing space, and we get why.  But experience isn’t confined or defined solely to the space you currently occupy.  Franklin’s team valued “smart” over the “conventionally established”, and were rewarded for it.


“The best thing about Cristine, Tracy and the Inspire team is their ability to build brand authority with authenticity.   They are honest, intuitive and highly creative collaborators.

They integrate within your corporate culture and emerge as your brand ambassadors.”

Karen Rosnuk,

Manager, Campaigns & Added Value Programs
Franklin Templeton Investments