Glidden Paints

Who doesn’t love paint? Well apparently, at first, Wal-Mart shoppers! Yikes! Inspire was hired by Glidden to promote their line of fabulous paints at Wal-Mart and we were ecstatic. 

Who is the Wal-Mart paint customer?  We began our initiative by researching the shopability of Wal-Mart paint sections and their current and future customers. We chaperoned potential consumers (in a nice shiny bus) to three separate retailers:  Home Depot, Canadian Tire, & Wal-Mart.    Trying not to hover, we charted both their reactions to the paint sections and their experiences “shopping” for paint, then we reconvened in the bus, with snacks, as our consumers bantered about their experience.   Separately, we also conducted formal individual interviews and larger focus groups to further discuss shopping habits and engagement with Our Brand and as well as our competitors.

Our findings proved that consumers didn’t think of Wal-Mart when beginning a paint project. And if they do, their focus is on price not service or selection. The paint section was at the rear of the store, and un-manned for the most part. 

What to do?  Wal-Mart & Glidden exes were awesome gamers, but we were hoping to find a solution that didn’t involve store infrastructure changes.

Glidden "Colour To Go" Paint Can and Signage

Drum Roll…… Ready Mixed Paint!   

It used to be the “thing” before consumers wanted paint colours to match their shag carpet and their Pomeranian.   Why couldn’t Glidden re-introduce ready mixed paint to their line-up of offerings? Our research and past sales showed that there were common colours that consumers purchased and with a cash and carry model we alleviate so many shopper pain points.

Glidden "Colour To Go" Signage Showing Multiple Cans of Paint each dripping a different paint colour.

With a host of colours, an amazing new product identity, and striking creative packaging– Glidden’s Colour To Go ready-mixed paint was born.

We added self-serve, out-of-section merchandisers to increase sales and incorporated “call-to-action” signage in other store sections like bedding and housewares to allow shoppers to match their room accessories with paint colour selections

The response was overwhelming. Sales grew over 200% and Glidden retained category exclusivity. 


“I had the pleasure of working with Inspire Advertising and Design, for the better part of 10 years. Through most of my professional career at organizations such as GE Lighting, St. Lawrence Cement, ICI Paints and now Uponor Ltd they have provided to me solutions that consistently exceeded my expectations. Whether it is creative development, media management, event coordination or brand management their team has the expertise to get the initiative completed.As our market changes and fracturing of the traditional marketing mix is occurring it is good to know that you have an agency like Inspire to assist in navigating the market space to build dialogue with your customer audience.”

Suresh Parmachand

Sr. Marketing Manager