IRMS – The Journey So Far

Yes, all of our clients are our favorites. Honest. However, the team at IRMS are extra special. The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science is one of the nation’s leading fertility centers in the US staffed by some of the most kick-ass women in healthcare industry (along with a few good men).

So as a starting point, we were damn lucky!

Our collaboration started in 2006, when IRMS was 4 Pioneering Fertility Docs and 1 Passionate Redhead of a marketing director in a single location in Livingston New Jersey.

Our collective task: to make loads of healthy babies while always recognizing that each patient’s journey was uniquely their own and had to be handled with the utmost care. Oh, and we had no money!

Image of the IRMS Egg Donor Section of displayed on a laptop.

We started small. Building awareness by focusing on our doc’s passion, their reasoning for being. While the institutional competitors focused on stats, we focused on care.   Before brand ambassadors and social influencers were a “thing”, we were creating these marvelous patient emissaries that bravely shared their journey with all of us.

We completely changed the way that fertility centers brand. On the imaging side, we tossed out those typical stock beauty shots of bouncing babies, sorry babies, and created visuals that distinctly married our pioneering capability in cutting-edge science with our passionate embrace of each women’s journey being uniquely their own.   We introduced our Smart About ART (assisted reproductive technology) campaign because, dammit, making a baby, especially when struggling with infertility, is a work of art.

IRMS LGBTQIA Out Of Home Poster and Corresponding Landing Page.

We started to gain traction; we grew from 1 location to 9 with a dynamic group of rock star female doctors.

We built in niche service offerings from single women looking to freeze their eggs, to veterans & cancer patients struggling with infertility, to Transgender & LGBTQ future parents looking to build their forever family.  

We built our own custom marketing automation systems, chat widgets and apps to monitor, measure & continue our real-time patient conversations.

Our new & improved website has seen a staggering traffic increase of 163% Read our blog on how we did it!  

Patients and the media continued to take notice.  Our message of true empathetic care, and fertility advocacy really resonated. Featured on CNN, HLN, Dr. Oz, GMA and a multitude of other media organizations, we’ve become one of the go-to experts & advocates in the field of fertility. Our brand awareness results saw dramatic increases of over 120% in benchmarked measured campaigns and most importantly our net new patient numbers grew 92% since 2014.

So in essence, we kicked ass. We are immensely proud all of our hard-gained wins no matter the client, product or service. But nothing, nothing beats the pure thrill of knowing that in some way, however small, we’ve contributed to bringing such joy to a new family.


If you would like a partner lock-step beside you building your brand, your volume and ultimately your market share in your specific business arena then Inspire Advertising is that partner.
As the Marketing Director here at IRMS, Inspire has helped me cut my teeth building a business from one location with 4 physicians to nine locations and 8 physicians.
They have helped us be smarter, nimble marketers and to think far outside the box of what was traditional in medical marketing.
They have enabled our campaigns to be measurable and scalable as we’ve grown so significantly in the past decade.
With Inspires experienced guidance we have been consistent early adopters of new platforms to reach our desired population covering Gen X, Millennials to Gen Z.”

Cindy Lucus,

Director of Marketing,
The Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science