Juno's Story

I was a hero for a moment – then reality hit

What do you say when an iconic music festival asks you to handle all their digital assets?  

Hell yes! My team loved me (once again); there was an office parade, gifts of gratitude, a pretty sash… and then you realize, shit, that’s a lot of work.  

Do I tell them that we have to conceive, create & implement not only the Juno’s awards site, but Juno Fest, Juno Fare, Juno Cup and Songwriters Circle executions as well?      

Oh and wait, we also have to design & manage an insanely secure ( sign your life away) site to facilitate the nomination and judging process? 

I’m just getting started – everything has to manned 24/7 for the entire week-long festival allowing for constant real-time uploads of content, press access and streaming all the live performances – from a van down by the river.  

Ok, so a little melodramatic – there was no river, nor a van. I’m not a monster. However it had to be done at “cost” (what?!) as the Juno’s is run by the wonderful folks at the not-for-profit Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.  

Harsh, reality is. Especially when you realize you won’t be partying until the wee hours with Rock Stars and instead chugging red ball in yesterday’s clothes. 

There were great lessons learned however – beyond how to mitigate a coup.

1. Great people Rally. Having a team in place that can roll with the punches, change course on demand,  and most importantly not freak out when @# happens  is simply everything.

2. Experience beats Enthusiasm. I love me some keeners, but seriously this gig is stressful.  Not Ebola – Corona virus stressful, but it’s not easy to be creative on a moments notice & then have to sell it. There’s simply no time for hurt feelings, artist angst or even inspired machinations. 

But enough about me,  it’s not like I did much but land the account. The amazing Inspire & Colorshadow team accomplished all the heavy lifting. They were the true Rock Stars.

I did however, keep the sash. 
Friends Of MusiCan Brochure showing various brass musical instruments and music notes


Cristine Martin and her team at Inspire Advertising are a pleasure to work with. Cris is an exceptional listener, and remembers your needs and your goals and works with you to create a path forward to reach your company’s success.

Melanie Hurley,

Former CEO & President, CARAS, The JUNO Awards, & MusiCounts
Former CEO, Canada’s Walk of Fame