The Purolator Story

Uh – Brand Therapy?

Part of Inspire’s charm is our ability to integrate fully into your culture. We are that best friend you turn to for advice (brutal as it can sometimes be), the one that knows what makes you tick, champions your wins and cushions your missteps. We are loyal and steadfast, and that loyalty is reciprocated with trust. Since 2006, Purolator has put their confidence in Inspire to grow their brand identity and build their profitability for their International, US, Freight, Retail and Global Supply Chain segments of their business. 

These divisions, although not the shining domestic star of the brand, were the future economic engines of the company and we were thus challenged to re-launch each as their own personality, communicating their own story, outside of the deep shadow of the domestic side of the business.

And with, of course, a fraction of the marketing budget.  

Easy right? Nah, it sucked at first actually. Like a celebrity’s offspring – it’s very difficult to distinguish one’s self when you share they same last name, and your revered & richly lauded parent is always in the news. 

With a name change and cosmetic surgery firmly denied (we tried), and too many stints in creative think-tank rehab – we did what we do best – therapy!

Purolator Logistics Website home page displayed on a laptop.

Stage One:  The Brain Hack

We dive deep, so get used to us playing around in your brain.  

We performed an intense dissection of each business segment from the inside out.   It was bloody, but it is important for us not to only understand why each of Purolator’s business offerings drive value but how and why their customers interpret said value. 

Stage Two:  Drink the Kool-Aid

What’s therapy without self-awareness topped with some self-acceptance.  By identifying value and pain points we were able to create distinct personas of each of the businesses, along with labeling targeted vertical customer markets that had the highest likelihood of sales growth potential.   We created internal sales and marketing materials that helped our Purolatorites become confident brand ambassadors.   

Purolator International Print Ads

Stage Three:  Mindful Growth

Once all the foundational work has been accomplished, you find tremendous opportunities for growth.  Whether it’s recognizing unsung workaholics with a late night drop off service for US and International retail shipments  (digital, out of home, video, e-marketing, direct mail); comprehending the importance of emerging trade partners of our Freight customers by developing messaging in a host of different languages (digital, e-marketing & collateral); or building awareness and confidence in our global supply chain process (websites, e-marketing, video, case studies, sponsorship)  – each of the over 100 creative campaigns and strategic builds have amplified the core learning that Purolator delivers value by constantly adapting to their customers world. 

Take away?  Move over Freud. All the mumbo jumbo sharing, hair pulling, & self-actualization lead to industry toppling engagements (staggering CTR’s, open rates) and most importantly continued year over year new business growth. 

Ahhh – Brand Therapy.  


“I’ve utilized Inspire’s marketing services for over 8 years at a variety of companies to support and deliver integrated marketing strategies to drive growth. Cristine brings a wealth of agency marketing experience and solid understanding of the changing marketing environment thus helping me to maximize my marketing budget and ROI at a variety of companies. Her ability to move from strategy to execution is one of the key fundamental reasons our relationship after 8 years continues to flourish. Cristine’s marketing insight is extraordinary, a key ingredient to business growth.”

Marc Fuentes

Manager – Strategy & Marketing