Package Design
Hankook Tire: Footprint Fetish Graphic of 3 Tires lit from behind with an orange glow.

Hankook Tires

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Hankook Tires had been in Canada for 20 years with moderate market share but very little brand awareness. With Inspires extensive experience in the automotive sector and always loving a challenge – we really, really wanted the Hankook account.  

Continental Tires

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Sure most clients love when you have experience in their category, so after we parted ways with Hankook Tires,  partnering with Continental was a pretty natural transition.   They hadn’t previously worked with an agency and like Hankook had similar challenges regarding brand recognition.
Continental Tire Logo
Glidden: Showing 3 Cans of Paint each dripping blue, yellow and red paint.

Glidden Paints

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Who doesn’t love paint?   Well apparently, at first, Wal-Mart shoppers!  Yikes!  Inspire was hired by Glidden to promote their line of fabulous paints at Wal-Mart and we were ecstatic.