IRMS: painting of a pregnant woman created in the style of Klimt

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science

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Yes, all of our clients are our favorites. Honest.   However, the team at IRMS are extra special.   The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science is one of the nation’s leading fertility centers in the US staffed by some of the most kick-ass women in healthcare industry (along with a few good men).

Hankook Tires

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Hankook Tires had been in Canada for 20 years with moderate market share but very little brand awareness. With Inspires extensive experience in the automotive sector and always loving a challenge – we really, really wanted the Hankook account.  
Hankook Tire: Footprint Fetish Graphic of 3 Tires lit from behind with an orange glow.

Continental Tires

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Sure most clients love when you have experience in their category, so after we parted ways with Hankook Tires,  partnering with Continental was a pretty natural transition.   They hadn’t previously worked with an agency and like Hankook had similar challenges regarding brand recognition.
Continental Tire Logo